Things that you need when starting BLW

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  • A chair with removable tray that is easy to clean and disassemble. I avoided chairs with many parts, pillows, covers, bolts, buckles and gizmos. They are very hard to clean, the food stays in between folds. Although in theory a wooden chair is the perfect choice, it is hard to clean and it is not durable on the long run. Water and wood are not good friends. I opted for the plastic “Antilop” chair from IKEA. It is, in my opinion, the best BLW chair.
  • Many bibs with sleeves and pockets, with a layer of nylon protection on the back.
  • Have some clothes that you sacrifice for eating time. Even if you use all the bibs in the world some food will always sneak on your baby’s clothes.
  • A floor protection, especially when you have wood floors or carpet. We use a hard plastic protection purchased from IKEA. Very easy to clean and very resistant. It is sold as an office chair floor protection.
  • Dry wipes.
  • Plastic bowls and plates. Although, I used only ceramic and recommend the same thing, I noticed that most babies throw the bowls on the floor at the beginning. My kid is not doing this but still managed to brake 3 plates by now. He finished eating and got bores and did not know how to get our attention.
  • A steamer. It does not have to be a special one for BLW or for babies.
  • A blender (for sauces, soups, smoothies).
  • A straw cup or a sippy cup. It’s important to have all parts removable and easy to clean, otherwise they are a true sources of germs.
  • A first aid course. It is crucial not to panic and to act appropriately in case of emergency. I really recommended this type of course before starting BLW. In addition, it will you confidence that you have the situation under control.
  • And last but not least you need the 100% support and understanding of those close to you, especially if they have an active role in child’s education. The best approach is to have everyone in the family and the nanny, if necessary, get informed with the principles of BLW. Then, whether or not they agree with them, it’s important to respect your decision an not to interfere or pressure you. Generally their concerns are the following: the child does not eat enough or eat to much, choking hazard, making a mess, too much time sitting at the table, etc.

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