Start Baby-Led Weaning (BLW)

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  • First few weeks baby will not eat very much. She will see the eating as playing. It’s normal and It’s really good be like that. It’s important that she does not feel pressured to eat and you follow her own rhythm, after having known and tested various textures, smells and tastes. Remember, up to 1 year old,  milk (or formula) is the main source of nutrients!
  • It will get dirty. Both the child and the seat, the floor and even the walls will be marked with the signs of BLW. The idea is for you to accept this from get go and not stress about it. You will have a little more to clean but it’s for a good cause!
  • Most likely she will “gag” at least once. It’s a natural reflex that children have to prevent choking. It occurs when babies place to much food in their mouth and can not manage it, or   accidentally get some food behind the oral cavity before being chewed. When the child gags is the natural way to push the food back to the front of the mouth. It’s not very pleasant to witness something like that but it’s important to know the difference between gag and choking. You have to stay calm and not interfere when baby gags especially if you know what to do in case of choking. For this only I mostly recommended a first aid course.

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