The Benefits of BLW

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When the baby is part of daily family meals and is allowed to eat alone from the beginning, using his own little hands or with cutlery, without being fed by an adult, the benefits are multiple:

  • Baby has a healthy relationship with food. If the family has a healthy diet, chances are the child will mimic the eating habits of adults and do not fuss about food;
  • Baby develops fine motor skills and hand-mouth coordination;
  • Baby carefully observes the movements of the adults and learn to eat with cutlery very early, around age 1 or even earlier
  • Baby learns about food, about texture, smell, color, shape. Recognizes fruits and vegetables;
  • Eating is a pleasant, stress-free, gadgets-free (tablet, phone, toys) time for the whole family. Each family member enjoys the food;
  • Family visits, picnics or eating at restaurant are more relaxing. At the restaurant you can ordered various boiled, steamed or baked in the oven plates. If the baby is between 6-12 months, ask the waiter for no salt, sugar or honey dishes. When you hit the road, you’re on a visit or just in the park, make sure you have some healthy snacks with you. Peeled and sliced fruit or vegetables, sweet muffins și salty muffins, homemade biscuits, mini-tarts, etc. Unlike homemade purees or the ones you can buy in the supermarket, these snacks are actually much easier to serve, because they are easy to handle by the child.

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